Friday, July 24, 2009

Gyms, exercise and prayer..

I went to the gym today. Not remarkable in itself, in fact before you get our hopes up none of what I am going to say is remarkable.

I did over an hour of proper exercise, which has made me feel really good. I very quickly forget that its when I exercise that I think more clearly and have more zip about me. It makes me want to eat better and be more alive and alert.

It normally doesn't make me want to pray (apart from that the pain might stop!)

But I have been doing 2000m ergos, and they have gotten me praying. Each little clause of the Lords Prayer gets 100 m. Thats not very long but it really makes you focus on what you are praying for.

So, inspired by finding some joy in exercise I have once again resolved that I am going to lose some weight. 28 pounds. Thats quite a lot for some folk but not for me, it will make me feel much healthier. I'd very much appreciate your prayers (if you are the praying type) as I go for this. Exercise is not too tricky once I get going, but it only means something if I also do something about what I eat. And I love my food.

I'll most likely blog more about how its going.. watch this space.

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