Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Leaving, Moving and Starting..

I didn't really believe people when they talked about how many folk visit you when you are living in a vicarage. I have had a whole heap of visitors already: I've had two people tell me that they don't go to church anymore- and have arranged to meet up with the council youthworkers for the estate (they happened to be in just the right place when I was looking for a chippy)..

I am loving it.. (and yes I know I haven't actually started yet)..

Those are all up points; there have been a few logistical downs. the fridge freezer won't fit in the hole until I move a radiator (I being the phrase for 'nice plumber man').

BT's computer refused an order: no phone etc till Tuesday.

I have wrecked my nails!

But all in all a good start!

More soon.

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