Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Fiddling Expenses"

The MP expenses row continues. The Torygraph is using those big type headlines that should be reserved for the outbreak of war. And a debate has ensued about 'fiddling' one's expenses.

Which is confusing me. In my head fiddling expenses is nicking a pen or making sly phone calls. Maybe claiming for a dinner that wasn't business. BUT... having your pool cleaned! £25k for cleaning!

This is not fiddling, this is orchestrating, this is every CD ever solding.. its huge..

And how did they think that was ever going to be OK. I don't know whether to be more annoyed that they are corrupt or that they are stupid!

1 comment:

tim said...

yeah because i heard today that one was claiming on a mortgage he had already paid off!!! he should have remortgaged it , used that money on something nice and then claimed it back?!!! they are stupid... not like me ;0)