Monday, January 19, 2009

What's Next?

.. is a question that I ask myself a lot! Its the West Wing influence but also my desire to live in the not quite yet.

BUT: the not quite yet is coming closer and as long as I don't do anything too outrageous between now and June I will be getting ordained. Which is where the news bit kicks in.

I can now announce (well tell any of you who don't know) that I will be heading to Leeds to serve my curacy. I am going to be the assistant curate of Beeston Team Parish with pioneer minister in Cottingley. Let me de-jargon. I will be working with St Mary's Beeston, as well as pioneering some work in the housing estate of Cottingley. Which is where I will be living.

So- there we go. I'm pretty excited (on the days when I don't think its all a dream and that I will wake up with the Church of England pointing and laughing going 'you a priest, yeah right'). The job is right up my street, could be very fun!

More soon..


Michael said...

You'll be close. Come round for tea.

Carla said...

Wow - your actually going to be a priest. Weird. Good.