Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Things You Learn..

I went swimming this morning! Myself and another hardy comrade got our rears out of bed and left home at 7am.. In the pool by 7.15.

Thats the impressive bit. The rest is less impressive, but in a spirit of openness I will share some insight.

1 Swimming may help asthma long term. It doesn't help when you are aready having asthma issues. You may feel like you will die.

2 Caffeine is an aid to co-ordination. Without caffeine it will take three times as long to do anything.

3 When you put your underwear in a hnady side pocket so you will remember where it is.. you won't. You will panic for a few moments until you remember. This may not be the case if you have had caffeine (see point 2)

4 Old people swim fast. You have to make your peace with that.

5 Hair takes longer to dry after swimming than after just washing.

6 The self righteous glow wears off after hacking your way through chapel.

But it was fun. I will go again. No really I will.. Honest.. even if its just to have something to blog about.

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Michael said...

Isn't it funny how we will do things whilst being insightfully aware that our sole motivation is to blog about it afterwards? :) I wonder how much would actually get done if no-one had invented blogs.