Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Happy New Year..

First post of 2009. Interesting circumstances.. 4.53am.. very cold.. maybe a bit sick but mainly just cold. And I'm inside.. In the West Country. Sparing a feeble prayer for many who are outside.. in the East and North..

Lots going on in my head just now. Beginning to think about my new job.. (details soon). Beginning to think about what will sustain me in the long term. More close, thinking about Gaza. More selfish thinking about the new series of ER.

Reflecting. On last year.

On where its all come to.

Just watched the Campus America trailer.. remembering the nights of prayer. The buzz, the presence, the energy, the expectant hope of God. Did I get old?

But mainly I'm cold.. So I'm heading further under the duvet..

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