Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Boy Done Good!

I drove back from Guildford today blinking slightly as I listened to Barack Obama make his inaugural address. What to say?

Well it was measured. Some people have been critical that it wasn't emotional enough: but for me that is important. Its part of the call to 'put away childish things'- a call for a nation and for a politician. Now is not a moment for histrionics but for action and that is what he has promised.

The resonances were all there: children of all races across the mall, our children's children, hilltops were there too. The cadence was unmistakeably King.

As for policy- well there are a few things going on, I think foreign policy will get a shake down, I think new green energy bills will be proposed (the equivalent of FDR's New Deal dams?). They may get held up in Senate, but will get there eventually.

Will think a wee bit more and maybe say more later.

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