Monday, December 08, 2008

revision and the noble art of avoidance!

Bless me blog readers for I have sinned (in fact am sinning right now). It is fifteen years since my last essay based exam.

I confess that I am in the course of the last three and next seven days, trying my best to avoid the activity known to be saintly among students: namely that of revision. I have indulged in the following activities already:

Shopping (ASDA, for pressies for people... all very worthy)
Church (technically not a sin in real life but possibly here)
Tea (see above)
More tea
More tea still
Ironing (serious sin coming)
Watching 20 Greatest Christmas Hits!
Watching 100 Greatest Christmas Moments!!

I will indulge in the following sinful pursuits in the next few days:

Spooks... (woo)
Driving 200 miles to Leeds
More tea (this time with a Bishop.. not quite a cardinal sin but..)
More driving
Maybe getting caught in the snow
Maybe trying to write an essay instead of revising
Oh, and this.. blogging..

Its not good..


Michael said...

May I suggest a healthy walk? You can convince yourself that it will clear your head and help you work better when you return; but in reality it can waste hours!

jude said...

Ooh a healthy walk..

Good call.

Today I drove for four hours for a forty minute meeting.. now thats procrastination!