Monday, December 01, 2008

My Gran

My Gran is pretty poorly, I drove up to Luton this morning to come see her. As I peered into her room she looked all tiny and oh so very frail propped up in bed. But, I'd been thinking as I drove up that I would like to introduce you all to Clarice Ivy Henman. My Gran!

The first thing I should say is that Gran is an incorrigible flirt! One of my earliest memories was Gran flirting with a window cleaner when we were on holiday once. Nothing mean or nasty in it. Just incredible fun.

Which leads me to Gran and the giggles. She has giggled a whole lot!

Gran also taught me how to do very useful things, like polishing brass and hoovering (though I seem to recall treating their small old school cylinder hoover as a horse until I was about five!).

Gran used to make the best roast potatoes in the world.

Gran used to pray with us when we stayed at her house (or she told stories that sounded a lot like prayers).

Gran loves singing. She has advanced dementia now, but still (until a couple of days ago) sings hymns..

Gran also loves custard! Or anything sweet. And sherry.

I'll try and find a piccie to add to this post in a bit.. But I wanted to introduce you!


Carla said...

She sounds fantastic! xc

Ellen Loudon said...

she sounds amazing. much love. xxx