Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Post 500, Cry 5!

this is my 500th post apparently. Go me!

So the 5th cry of the Olympics is one that I have cried at at least three other times. Sydney 2000, Matthew Pinsent crawling down from the stroke seat to hug the man who had just won his fifth Olympic gold in a row (thats Sir Steve Redgrave for the sporting illiterates among you). I'm welling up even typing it.

Rowing has a very special place in my emotive heart- the sheer effort that is required to power through 2000 metres of water, the amount of dedication to one another that is needed to keep the boat in line. The self sacrifice of ego that is required: in no other sport is there such a need to not be an individual star. The hours of early morning freezing training. I have such respect.

So, expect more posts about crying on Saturday (yes I have a wedding too!): roll on the finals.. Go GB!

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