Thursday, August 07, 2008


So this is a reflective post but also a wee bit of a plug. I haven't lived in the same place for more than four weeks since Easter. For the six months before that I couldn't really call the place I was staying in a home. For the last six weeks I have been living out of my car.

So what is home?

I think a bit of me used to think it was a building, but I'm beginning to realise that home is about people. In one of my places of abiding this last year I had an enormous bed to die for. It didn't make it home. In my Luton house, I have matching crockery, its not home. In my study room I have all my books and things to live- that doesn't make it home. In my car I have everything I have needed for the last few weeks.. no, not home.

As I have travelled I haven't missed place or stuff or gadgets or a washing machine that I know how to work. I have missed people. Having them turn up and visit, or finding myself with them in parks, on showgrounds, on beaches.. that's been home. Home is where I am understood. Home is where I am challenged. Home is where there's a good hug waiting (and maybe a cup of tea). Home is where I can laugh or cry, can hold and be held, can be well, can be ill. Can be strong, can be weak. Home is ultimately where God is- He who tabernacles with us- home is where we are found!

I like this home. It travels with me.. doesn't have stamp duty, can flex and yet hold firm.

And now for the plug. One such Home for me is with the 24-7prayer bunch of renegades. In this beautiful movement is home.. and fittingly we get to gather this spetmeber and be home together. It takes us some effort (I sometimes think we are obsessed with physical home that we can't claim and own how at home we can be with each other), we have to make ourselves vulnerable: but each time we do it we find ourselves somehow the better for it!

This year Home is about home..

I'm excited!


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