Monday, January 07, 2008

When The Levees Broke..

Kate loaned me the Spike Lee boxset of DVDs about Hurricane Katrina. Oh my word! They should run them in the month before the elections lest anyone vote for another Republican president. The failure to care is the kind of thing that we would try people for if it were in an unstable fledgling democracy (that we didn't like).

It would be easy to say it was a one off failure. But the Republican Party stands for small government. They want less federal involvement in the life of the people. In the case of Louisiana that has meant that they are happy to keep oil revenues but won't invest in the locality. There has been a woeful lack of investment over many years. The very basis of what Republicanism is about means that will continue.

I hope that America remembers. I hope the election doesn't get consumed in personality. For surely the nation cannot continue under the leadership of people who so believe in states' rights that they will leave poor Americans to die.

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