Monday, January 21, 2008

Sweeney Todd

Greetings from Coventry. Dan and I are looking at mobile phones, I am not doing any of the many tasks that I could or should be doing! Going to wait for the K 660i! (because you all needed to know that!)

Anyway: before I drove up last night, I popped to see Sweeney Todd. Now the thing I needed to remember is that previous to now I had only ever seen Sweeney in am-dram. And in am-dram they have enough budget for one bottle of squirty blood per night! Tim Burton has a bigger budget! Its a bit gorey, bur very well done.. and Johnny can kind of sing!

Worth a watch!

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bluestare said...

What is Carter's voice like and Rickman's? A friend told me that somewhere in the end their is a brief moment of redemption for Sweeney - did you notice it?