Sunday, January 06, 2008

More on Luton!

What a match! We were slightly interrupted by a tripped fuse at the pub but saw the whole majestic first half, and both goals.

The Luton team were amazing! Drew Talbot covered miles (great for effort but if he could have only put one of those chances away!). Maybe they were inspired by the presence of the England coach (lets face it some of the Luton scallies would be much more motivated to play for their country than the rich boys of the Premiership!). I hope that the own goal gets no headlines: Luton were very well worthy of the draw!

Now all we can do is wait. Today's game might well mean that the players can be paid. That has to be good. But tomorrow is a bit of a deadline day. We need a buyer by 5pm. I'm hoping for Stelios (orange theme could be good!), but have no idea if anyone can stump up the money. I was very encouraged by people getting in touch with five live. Several comments of people praising the club..

In many ways it seems utterly trivial to pray for the success of a football club. But when it comes down to people's jobs and lives maybe it does make sense?

Watch this space.

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