Thursday, January 03, 2008

Iowa Caucuses...

And so it begins. This could be an interesting year in politics. By tomorrow morning a bunch of people in the middle of America will have begun the political jamboree which could break, or heaven forbid consolidate the "Christian" right stranglehold on America.

Yep the good registered party people of Iowa will consider (helped by $200 per citizen of said state of ad buy) who they would like as the party candidates.

As of now it seems that Barak Obama is edging ahead for the Dems.. Huckabee (have I spelled either of those right?) for the Republicans. The question that overrides this for me is 'is America ready for either a white woman or a black man to be president? I am inclined to think no, and that the Republicans could stick any white bloke up there and he would stand a chance. I wonder if its why Condy has not stood.. (though I think as a nation the US is more likely to vote for a black woman that a black guy).

I suspect I will be blogging a whole bunch more nonsense before November.. watch this space..

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