Friday, January 11, 2008

Charlie Wilson's War...

I battled the floods (well strictly speaking I battled the traffic that was going through Bristol while the M5 was shut!) to get to the cinema. Well worth it!

Charlie Wilson's war is not desperately thought provoking until the end. I got a tad annoyed that it seemed so gung-ho at the outset, but you kind of see the point as you go along.

Lots to reflect on: a southern baptist congressman shouting "Allahu Akba" in an Afghan refugee camp. Were the two cultures really meaning the same? A billion dollars for a covert op.. seriously?

Aaron Sorkin has come up with a good screenplay on this one. I liked it: its not as true as it makes out, its not the best political comment I ever saw, but it is worth a watch.

More Afghanistan tomorrow with the Kite Runner!

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