Monday, December 03, 2007

2008: Year of Learning?

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Long time no blog: Have been a little busy. Had a very fun couple of days with the 24-7ers last week. I spent a day teaching on deepening prayer which was great (I loved it, no-one fell asleep that I saw so I think it was OK- recordings will be on the 24-7 site sometime I guess). Also hung out at the UK network day which was much fun!

The whole thing started me thinking: I'm learning loads about some stuff (the day of teaching showed me that I think), but I'm not going to get equipped for everything through lectures and context.

Hence: 2008, year of learning?

Specifically about two things.

Proper hard core discipleshippy pastoral care, healing/ wholeness all that kind of thing.

Mission. Who is doing what? What does REAL mission look like?

If I want to see the Kingdom emerge wherever I am I think it involves those two things!

It also involves me becoming more of those things (more wholeness or openness to it, and more missional!).

So there we go: What think ye? Where do I need to go? What should I see?

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