Monday, November 26, 2007

The Ethanol Pledge!

Series 6, about episode 13. King Corn. All the candidates are out in the mid West, and they have to decide whether they are going to back ethanol or not. Its a locally favourable issue. It notionally solved a greenhouse gas problem.. But it doesn't work.

Its an ethical dilemma. Sell out for an easy run in, or stick with your guns? Make an unpopular statement and maybe lose the right to speak into the debate later. Make an untruthful statement and lose the integrity to speak into the debate later.

Do I take the ethanol pledge?


Kate said...

yeah...on the one hand - pick your battles... I find myself doing this a lot at church & work. On the other hand - let your yes be yes. If you don't stand for integrity, who cares what you stand for?

Kate said...

ps - if this post is inspired by some "psychotic" activity that I have just become aware of - then my advice would be - tell the truth, in love and with tactful compassion, but only when asked, and always by stating the subjective nature of your opinion.
I sound like an agony aunt for This Morning.