Monday, September 10, 2007

Form, storm, norm, perform...

Communities are funny things aren't they? I totally believe in community but just have the feeling that I'm not very good at it. Being chucked together with a bunch of people who you don't know and being expected to all bond and be able to work together straight away is a bit of a journey for me. I'm finding myself longing for space: ten people working on a project in week one is just too crazy for me.
It leaves me wondering: what if I just can't do community? What if the dreams that I have for church will falter because of my own inability to dive in and not want to punch people! I'm praying for grace (and dancing feet). I'm wondering if I actually warm to institution more because it saves me having to define how the relationships work. I'm not going to pretend that I find it easy: I would very much welcome your prayers.

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Jeff Prillaman said...

I enjoyed your post immensely. Thank you. I share your concerns and thoughts and thought you might enjoy a counterpost I used with my adult life community(Sunday School) class this past week.

I see that this is old, so I hope that by this time you are thriving in your ministry. God Bless!