Wednesday, August 22, 2007

She's Leaving Home.. bye bye...

House insurance: check
Car insurance: check
DVLA: check
Van hire: check
Burly men for lifting things: check (ish)

Yes, I'm about to move! I go on Thursday 30th: eight days!

Before I go, a few things. First, open house! Bank holiday Monday. From 12noon. Bring food and booze, stay as long as you like! Its at mine.. if you don't know where that is, email. If you don't have my email: then maybe you don't know me quite well enough to pitch up.

If you have borrowed: Hotel Rwanda, Walk the Line, various books.. please feel free to return them!

This whole thing is weird! I'll write more reflectively on it soon.. but not just yet!


Dave Heath said...

oh! I would like to be able to turn up but according to your post I count as someone who doesn't know you well enough.

If I can be redeemed, please please drop me an email. (davidsheath at gmail dot com)

P.S. can I bring a 'friend' that I would love you to meet too?

jude said...

Dave so sorry.. have emailed you an address!! Same goes for any of you lovely studenty types I forgot were in town!! Bless u