Monday, July 30, 2007

Modular degrees!!!

Any idea how they work? Anyone? Help?

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andym said...

in what context?
I should do, seeing as I'm helping write one at the moment...
Basically, the degree is split into a number of discrete subject blocks, which are assigned a credit value. Qualifications are built up by passing enough modules for each year (it is usually a total of 120 credits a year, so 360 credits for a Bachelors Degree). Most modular courses have 'approved routes' through them: so you need to take a certain number of specific modules to qualify with an award (so if you were taking a Geography BA, you would need to take a certain number of prescribed Geography modules each year), but the 'free' (ie non prescribed) credits could in theory be made up of modules in any subject.
Make sense?
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