Thursday, May 17, 2007

Unnaccustomed as I am..

Not strictly speaking true. I am about to rant. I know I do it a lot. But actually not often about school. But this time.

It may be because these are my last few weeks in this esteemed profession but the whole rules thing is making me seeth. There are so many rules that the kids don't know whether they are coming or going! There's crappy paperwork that means NOTHING. There are too many people who get their identity in being a teacher so if a kid threatens that by acting up in their class they implode and have the kid removed. Its a big fat load of something a vicar shouldn't say!

Enough enough enough.

I think I will spend the next eight weeks rabbel rousing among the kids.

(p.s. expect a post in the next few hours recanting of much of this).

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