Sunday, April 22, 2007

Karl Smith ad the Irresistable Revolution!

I just finished reading Shane Claiborne's Irresistible Revolution. For a review click on my review site.. (hence the name)..

One of the quirks of the book is Shane's use of footnotes (I think a consequence of judicious editing by Zondervan). As I made it through the first few pages I was reminded of a long ago friend– who when he wrote used to add in elongated footnotes which were hilarious. He toddled off to Oxford when I went to the other place... haven't seen him since..

So, Karl Smith, here's to you.. and your footnotes .. oh and read the book.. I think you'd like it!


linda said...

maybe he picked it up from his mate Rob Bell -recently read his book Sex/God and he really seemed to be into the Long footnotes but I kind of liked it.

sara wagner said...

I hate that book, irresistable revolution. it's too convicting and stirs my heart to move out of complacency and go do something about social injustice and makes me angry at myself and the world and the devil and hungry for real community. my pastor and I were reading it at the same time, and whenever we saw each other, all we could say was,
me-"Jim, that book..."
jim-"I know!!!"
[both] - "GRR!"

we pretty much renamed it "That Damn Book" was that good.