Saturday, March 10, 2007

A moment of slight profundity: Or why We shouldn't have Trident.

A Labour MP is about to resign over Tony Blair's desire to update Britain's nuclear defence systems. Good on him. Many more should do the same.

Those who change history are those who make themselves vulnerable.

If Britain truly wants a role on the world stage: if we want to influence for good, then we must go the way of Christ, Gandhi, King. We should abandon new plans, scrap the existing systems and kick out the US's systems too. Only then will we have any integrity to challenge Iran, North Korea and the USA.


Zeth said...

I agree with you Jude 100%

As I argue in more depth elsewhere, William Wilberforce was willing for Britain to stand up and unilaterally abolish the slave trade, if we had any real political leaders today then we could do the same over these nuclear weapons.

We do not want to 'challenge' the countries you mention but reach out an open hand. We all need each other in this world. It is this need that gives world peace, not the ability to kill millions of people with a touch of a button.

jude said...

Thanks for that Zeth- though your view on Wilberforce and the slave thing is a little, umm, wrong. Britain had already faced revolt over slavery in her colonies, there were many others than WIlberforce.. Don't buy the lie that he was the only hero!