Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Remembered it!

Ahh yes. I was going to tell all about this new way I want to teach year nine about World War Two. The year nine curriculum majors on war and its a heck of a journey. With all the violence its worth trying some new stuff to lighten it up (if you can with 60 million dead). So this year I'm going to try and do all my teaching through film.

There are some obvious ones- Saving Private Ryan, Schindler's List, Flags of Our Fathers and so on. But I reckon it would also be good to look at some slightly lighter moments. First up could well be the Sound of Music! (how does the story of the Von Trapps tell us about life under the Nazi's). I think Brief Encounter (is that set in WW2?) could work (how did WW2 affect relationships?). I'll use The Pianist to look at the Holocaust, maybe also Life is Beautiful. I wonder about Escape to Victory, and To End All Wars!

Could be fun!!!!

All other thoughts welcome (I know I must be missing something obvious)


Joe said...

Das Boot - the all-important Battle of the Atlantic
Enigma - not great but about the very thing that won us the war.
Unrivaled in my mind is Band of Brothers but it's too long for your purposes I guess. - 1st two episodes will give a great sense of build up and fighting on D-Day (twinned with Saving private Ryan)
Something looking at North Arica would be pretty cool too - can't win the war without oil.
Memphis Belle for an easy going look at daytime American bombing. Dam Busters for British night time raids.
And for pure espionage fun, Where Eagles Dare.

We did WW11 using almost the entirety of The World at War Series - dated but an awesome archive of real footage.

jude said...

You are a legend mon petit frere..

Andy Wilson said...

Aaah jude, one of my favourite things is that of old war movies.

My add to this would be Empire of the Sun, a look at war through teenage eyes, Christian Bale showing us a glimpse of his later good work.

Can I join your class? I remember watching To End All Wars with you late into the night in Amsterdam, fantastic moment. Miss ya Jude, chat soon.

Anonymous said...

partner film to flags of our fathers - letters from iwo jima is out in cinemas at the moment as well.


PS what about all quiet on the western front