Tuesday, February 20, 2007


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Do you ever get moments where you just know something is going to change? Bad rhetorical question there- as I try to generalise my thinking. I'm in a transition time just now. I think big change is afoot (some in a really obvious kind of way), but in the processing of likely change I realise how frustrated I am with where I am now. It feel a bit like the two days before having a major hair cut, every tiny split end is a big deal.

Apparently he/ she who has learned to wait has learned everything. I'm just so bad at it! All prayers very welcome as I go through the next few months. God's good in it all- I know He is at work- I just know not what He's working on..


Pet Geek said...

What if the person who has learned to wait for their train has taught themselves out of the habit of listening to platform alterations?

linda said...

tell me about it sister - I know exactly where you're coming from!