Friday, January 05, 2007

Mandatory Minimums..

I've just emerged from a day under the duvet, so at 1050pm I'm surprisingly coming to life- and looking to publically establish my new year aims.. These are not really them- but they are an interesting little experiment.

Having been watching duff telly all day I'm aware that everyone has gone dietastic this new year. Its tempting to join in (as I write I am drinking smoothie and am wrapped in cling film, apart from my face, which is covered in mud!): but I'm wondering what will it be like if I just do the government's basic minimums?

That means 3 lots of 30 minutes CV (cardio vsacular as opposed to "I was pontifex maximus of the oldest (and maybe oddest) universoty society"), and it means 5 fruit/ veg a day.

Will keep you all posted. Also let me know if there are others that I'm missing!

Bless you all

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Anonymous said...

2 litres of water a day, perhaps?