Thursday, January 11, 2007

Good Morning Viet.. err Iraq

So, the USA is sending more troops to Iraq. The argument is that more troops will be able to quell the rising tide of violence in the Baghdad region.

Forty years ago similar arguments were being made about Vietnam. Just a little more and we'll get this under control. Similar rhetoric was used about axes of evil. Similarly allies were dropping back (Margaret Beckett has said the UK will not send more troops). Similarly the US body count is rising- a mere shadow of the civilian body count that grows daily in Iraq. Again the US is trying to make this about clashing ideology with themselves as the holders of all things democratic. Like Vietnam the people just want the US out of their country.

Maybe the only thing we learn from history is that we don't learn from history. It makes me sad. It should also make Bush nervous. In his second term he has nothing to lose personally but his legacy to the world is getting darker by the day. If the Vietnam pattern continues The US will see riots in the street, even more givernmental corruption and another generation scarred.


Michael said...

It's desperately sad.

wagass said...

my brother is going over sometime in may or june. they're not quite sure exactly when yet. he's in the 94th airborn division, and mostly is in the army as a mechanic (ie: he get's to play with hummers and jump out of airplanes... every boy's dream). doesn't seem real yet, all i know is that he's having a blast and that army life fits him. he doesn't like the war part of it though (neither do I and the rest of my family and his wife).

it's really weird to think of my nation in the context of the world... everyone seems to think all american's are weird, and forget that our boys on the front lines are just normal everyday blokes following orders. honeslty, my bro joined up because it makes amazing money and he needed to do something with his life (finally ;-)!). he doesn't have anything against iraq or muslims. the guys that are going over in a few months are going to replace the ones that have been there for a year, to give them a break until the time is right to pull everyone out slowly. i don't agree that we should be over there, and I agree that it's a lot like vietnam. most american's do actually. i don't think rioting will happen, but watch the elections next year, it'll be some of the most exciting we've seen in a long time! most people over here can't wait till 2008 when we can vote in a new president. just pray for my country, we need it, and for my bro, Private Adam Wagner. he used to know Jesus, but rebelled and rejected God in his teen years.