Friday, January 12, 2007

Bad news for schools

I heard a couple of really disheartening things for education and schools this week.

The obvious one is that the government would like to make its stats look better by incarcerating all students in schools or training to aged 18. 'tis a veritable joke idiot policy makers who all probably loved school! Its mean, its restrictive and it will drive more educators out! Have they not spoken to sixth form teachers who already are struggling with unmotivated year 12's and 13's... something which never happened 20 years ago.

The other was just a comment I heard on the radio. Some schools (all primaries in Cirencester in fact) have banned ball games in the playground for health and saftey reasons. Part of growing up is getting whacked in the face with one of those pimply footballs! Its character building! Its rubbish stupid paranoia like this which means we will continue to get our sporting arses whopped by a country with 8 million people! Its a b****y disgrace!


rach said...

Sucks doesn't it? Our kids aren't allowed to play with balls in the playground. It doesn't change anything - they play football with the apples the government provides them with for free everyday instead. Ha!

Michael said...

We used to play football in the playground with a rubber. It was often difficult to work out who had possession as the rubber bacame invisible beyond about a metre. Clearly it was this early development of my fine coordination that has made me the sportsman I am today.

Neil O'Hara said...

If you had a petition I'd bloomin sign it.

They banned Bulldog in m junior school after some kid broke his arm. Wimp, he should've had stonger bones.

A nation of institutionalised, brittle boned, pale faced kids that can't play footy/cricket. Bummer

Joe said...

A trusty coke can always did the job for us but you had to be brave going for a diving header!

Throwing snowballs was banned at my school after a kid was supposedly paralysed somewhere by a snowball hitting him on the back of the neck. I always suspected this was a killjoy urban myth the teachers made up becuase they were dull.

Still there's not much they could do if we revolted en mass was there?

linda said...

I think that young people don't have to be in school - just in some kind of training - like the courses we run at City Gateway - we've had 18 as the school leaving age in NZ for several years now - they stopped giving benefits to any one under 18 back in the 1990s

Anonymous said...

Even more strangley is the news today that headteachers should be drawn from other walks of life, not teaching. Apparently a similar scheme has 'worked' in the NHS.

An example where this has not worked is my high school where my head had been a brilliant teacher and turned the school around. The next head was an accountant and my parents were so concerned at how bad he was they considered moving my brother and my sister has gone else where. Go Government Education Policy!