Thursday, November 16, 2006

Blog guilt!

I have blog guilt, because I haven't blogged. I think its a bit like gym guilt except without detoning your stomach muscles.

My excuse is that I'm tired- not just a bit yawny tired either.

I'm tired in the way that makes you think you can make your car slow down by turning down the stereo. The way that makes you grumpy with your kids (students), so much so that you burst a blood vessel in your hand trying to get their attention. tired in the way that means you could laught hysterically or cry in teh same breath!

But end of busy tunnel is nigh!

Will see you when I get there!


MisterDavid said...

hello to you

with grace and peace attached

and lots of love, of course :)

x D x

jude said...

awww.. you're lovely.. bless you lots