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Lurking with slight bags under the eyes are a hidden army. They may look jaded today , sat at their computer terminal, punching out needless and endless numbers and words. But ask them what happened in episode three of the second series and they will suddenly burst into life. They will tell you who said what, what they meant by it, why that’s important and where its referred to again.

These pasty faced folk are the box setters. And we are an ever growing breed. Whether its series five of 24, seven of the West Wing, a rare series two of the X-Files, many many of us have succumbed and now face a serious addiction.

It starts fairly innocuously. You buy the box set because its cheap in Silver Screen and you missed a few episodes in series one. Then you find yourself not just watching the missed episodes but taking in the whole series- often in just one sitting!

Then you go to Amazon and order (or perhaps even pre order) the next series. When it arrives the whole things becomes an event to invite friends to. But only certain friends. Beware those who DARE to talk during your box set heaven,

Before you know it you find yourself making friends with people you know who have advance copies of the next series, mercilessly downloaded from the net- dangerously unstable and yet somehow compelling. You download special software to help you view..

By this time there is no route back. You are a box set addict. Its just moments until you find yourself looking up episode synopses for things yet to come. Close friendships are put in danger as you argue about impending romance. Sleep is lost as you plough ever forward towards the end of a series. You even fear withdrawal as the shows run comes to an end.

Can anything be done? Well you’re (read me) in a sorry state- but there is hope. Confession is good for the soul- so hit the comment button and tell all. Box Setters Anonymous is there for you.. well it will be after Series 7 finishes!!!!


Kezzie said…
I must say, that whilst I do not have Boxsemania, I can see how it starts (my dear sibling has it- she has asked me for 24 boxsets for the last couple of birthdays/Christmases, I have experienced it in it's twin form- I had a mad thing about Doctor Who (I admit it) when I was about 14-19 to the extent I have over 100 videos, many many books and other articles (walking-talking Daleks and all that). I've been pretty much cured of this now. Purposely didnt succumb and by the new series when it came out, but was helped into the habit by the unexpected gift of the box-set this Christmas (and much lack of sleep has been had!)
Linda-Joy said…
I have loads of old videos -it's sad they are not selling video players anymore
Pet Geek said…
3 years ago, after our exams me and a few mates watched all of series one of 24. We had a 5 minute break bewteen episodes and 2 meal breaks of half an hour.

A few weeks ago I did series 1 of Red Dwarf, but that was due to insomnia. I think we're doing Green Wing next month.

Oh the fun of it. Such joy!
Liz said…
Did Series' 3 and 4 of Friends 2yrs ago.

However, was even worse, as I watched them on my my basically didn't get up, didn't see anyone, etc.

The worst thing, I think, is when you start emulating the characters - picking up their phrases, their mannerisms, as you do with real friends.
Michael said…
I sympathise with that Liz. Sometimes you find yourself talking like the characters. I did Scrubs season 4 last term. But I prefer to watch them one or two episodes at a time. Does this mean I am a relapsing remitting boxsetter?
Linda-Joy said…
maybe you could start a support group BSAA
Tom Wade said…
I have the problem that every T.V show I like gets cancelled, so I try not to get too attached... Thankfully this is yet to affect 24 or Scrubs - and the days of browsing in Silver Screen with a slightly superior smug on my face looking over at packed HMV is soon to be over... :(
Paul Windo said…
It's true - it is rampant...

I've just finished working through series 4 of '24', foolishly leaving the very last episode til after I got back from Spring Harvest. It almost killed me...

Problem is, when you finish one you almost certainly want to seek out the next series!

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