Thursday, March 02, 2006

Empty Things

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Today a momentous thing happened. I, Jude (aka the Reverend Mother) Smith, did surely and truly utterly empty my inbox! This morning it had 44 messages in it.. and inspired by Stephen Fry (both his reading and his being outside the BR this morning!), I cleared them all. I even answered the ones that required awkward and wise stuff to be said..

My joy at all things empty was less complete when I checked my bank balance- which leads me to a more serious point. My job salary was worked out on the basis of me working part time, and there really is no more money to pay me. But I have found myself being useful in mentoring a few people here and there which takes up my extra time. I really need to raise some personal support to cover my costs in all that. It equates to about £200 a month that I'm not earning from other work. So, dear readers.. if any of you have a bit of spare cash and wanna support an impoverished 24-7er then do get in touch.. I have a stewardship account and everything! Just drop me an email!

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