Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Communication Down..

Its official. I am having a communications shocker..
First- my laptop is being diagnosed
Second- no-one seems to be able to keep diary dates with me (not like romantic dates, just normal, nice, needed hang out stuff)
Third- my office phone is going wrong
Fourth- my mobile keeps losing reception
Fifth- no-one else seems to understand that this is a deal- and so aren't trying particularly hard to make anything work..

SO I'm disapearing for a few days.. if you're that bothered come and find me.


Steveybabe said...

I can still hear you all the way from Hong Kong :o) so you must be doing something right!

I really hope the connection issues get sorted out soon. I know what a pain it can be.

Pet Geek said...

Maybe someone's cutting all other forms of communication so they can have a quiet word...

jeff said...

My wonderful Jude, I know your pain.

in the space of one month:
my laptop can no longer play dvd's and now can no longer play sound.
my new digital camera is a bit bust so can't take good pictures any more.
My phone's stick thingy doesn't work, so can't easily text and can't get to any ones numbers unless they are the first of each letter group.
my mp3 players batteries run out after a cd.
the power button on my palm thingy sticks, so sometimes just doesn't turn on.
(sorry, hope that comes across as sympathetic, not bragging.)
i know a bit of your pain.

i love you Jude. Hope you're ok.