Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Seasons of pain..

This could turn out to be a very rubbish post! I'm in pain (dead muscles nothing serious).. so my head is a bit addled and my response to most things is to want to beat up computers! But in a more salient moment I was thinking a bit more..

What does God do in our pain?

I'm not suggesting that pain is in and of itself good, or that we should go and seek it. But in it God reveals himself. I remember as small child first crying out to God when I was in pain. Pain combats our independence: making us rely on others, and often on God. I wonder whether pain sharpens our senses (while pain killers dumb them down). Pain is a great leveller!

And pain puts us into a very real connection with the suffering Christ.

That said I'm blatantly going to find more nurofen as soon as possible!!!


Michael said...

Interesting. Pain (physically) is primarily a warning system.

Have you read 'Hinds' Feet on High Places'? (I can't believe you haven't.) The Shepherd chooses two companions to guide Much Afraid up to the High Places; Sorrow and Suffering.

rach said...

What's that C.S. Lewis quote... "Pain is God's megaphone..."

Can't remember the rest. Think it's in The Problem Of Pain

rach said...

"... to rouse a deaf world."

(Shoulda googled first!)

Kate John said...

Have you read the poem about pain on my blog? -to quote:
"and then, by stealth, this hurt
ordains our taste, our values
and our government, grows
in our gardens, bearing wit
and even shapes the skill
for which intent remains to serve
that yet more subtle cause
for which we breathe,
for which we came."