Thursday, February 23, 2006

In the News...

I managed to get a read of the paper on the train in today. Was good to actually catch up with the world after a few days on world mute!

A few stories grabbed my attention...

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First was the disturbing little piece about Liverpool "fans" who saw fit to attack the ambulance carrying Alan Smith on Saturday.. the poor guy had just broken his leg!!

The theme of violence continued as I read about a Christian archbishop in Africa having alledgedly said that muslims don't have the monopoloy on violence... starting all kinds of bother..

Image hosting by PhotobucketThen we have the bombing of a Shia holy site.. Not entirely sure how to react to that..

There's a whole other post about what we mean by democracy but that may just have to wait a wee while..

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Pet Geek said...

Shame about the archbishop's comments. Normally I have a lot of respect for Peter Akinola, but he's not portraying things in a very good light.