Wednesday, January 04, 2006

This Year I Resolve....

I was thinking about what New year's resolutions to go for this year.. and I got a bit stuck. I managed NONE of last year's.. It was tempting to do nothing.. but actually I think what I want to do this year is (drum roll........)


I'm one of those people who likes new things, and it means that I can leave all kinds of things a bit ragged when I get bored of them. Its a real deal and affects everything from what gets binned from my fridge to what gets binned from my diary. So this year I resolve to finish things..

In the light of that I am going to finish the 100 books.. (i'm up to 71 I think!)

And Ali.. no more having to moan for the wasted fruit!!!

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Carla said...

Good resolution! xc