Monday, January 09, 2006

Oh the Intrigue!!!!!!

I am SO excited!

Its my birthday at the end of the month and my wonderful (I think) friends have a plan up their little sleevesies! All I know is that I have to be in London next Tuesday at 6pm.. in little black dress!

You can't possibly imagine how cool this is.. why, well
a) Rach and Luce (and maybe Flan) are the co- conspirators.. and I totally trust them (well the girls anyway! *smiles*).. and they know that I get birthday trauma...
b) they all know me so well that it must be something really fitting
c) Its a TOTAL surprise.. I am really hard to surprise and I think they have pulled it off
d) I feel totally totally loved that my friends are putting lots of creative energy into doing something that will really bless me! (maybe thats why I like autumn!!)

Watch this space.. and NO GUESSING.. If I'm not allowed then neither are you!!!!

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