Saturday, January 07, 2006


Today is going to be one heck of a day.

For a start some of our City Boiler room community plus some friends from Wandsworth are prayer walking in the Square Mile. Should be great! (that said all prayer welcome, I need all the prayer cover I can muster).

But what I really want to talk about are the nostalgic moments I've had in the last 24 hour. First up was walking into the Easy Cinema in Milton Keynes... its what used to be The Point: one of the first ever multiplexes.. and a place where I spent some of my latter teens. Image hosted by
The point was the place where we would all go as soon as we could drive! Oh the happy memories (and slight sick feeling came back- I used to be really quite shy so it made me feel sick.. last night it was the semi nauseous ending to the Family Stone!)

But- also in nostalgia territory is a certain event happening at 5.30 this evening. I still bear the vocal scars of its previous incarnation... yes.. its LUTON versus Liverpool in the FA Cup third round. The last time we were in the mix with ethm was 1987, when I was a Luton season ticket holder and spent the day screaming at the top of my lungs... yielding results! We won 3-0 in a second replay! Hearing Mike Newell (who scored that night) talk about it brought a lump to my throat (yeah I know, not unusual!). I'm so very excited!

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Come on you Hatters!


Andy said...

Not this time - Rafa's boys are far too strong!

Are you coming up to Brum for the Transformation Conference again this year?


jude said...

Andy- you're right.. they just ran us out at the end.. but WHAT A MATCH!!!!!! Was great.

And yeah, Brum is in the dairy. Always love hanging with estate folk!!! See you there


Andy said...

Beautiful - will see you in March.

I must say halfway through the second half I was regretting my smug post and realising that for the first time in years my fixation with the football team from the North West (rather than the [red] devil worshippers or the tiny toffees) could be construed as glory hunting!

Respect to Mr Newell for putting his rep on the line as well this week.