Thursday, January 26, 2006

Alas, I am Joan of Arc

I know I should be dead chuffed about this... like she was pretty godly and all.. but I really wanted to be Boudicca!!! (I think I didn't score high enough on revenge!!)

You scored as Joan of Arc. I am Joan of Arc. I have a strong faith in God. I am not afraid to challenge conventions or to put myself in a dangerous position to protect my country. I fight for what I believe in. Some people have called me crazy.

Joan of Arc


Xena, Warrior Princess




Elizabeth I




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Pet Geek said...

I came out as Xena (71%). I may have been doing the wrong test, though!

Michael said...

By the look of it Jude, you are actually Xena as well. And at 92% that's quite a tie!

Liz said...

Oh dear......I was Cleopatra. Won't say what it said in the description :oS

S'ME said...

I also came out as Xena ... thinking of redoing it as honestly as I can, without feeling bad that I thought some stuff about myself!!

Joan of Arc though .. hmm, interesting. I watched the recent (4 yrs) film of that: very disturbing depiction of Jesus - have a gander.

Alanna_Halfelven said...

Hey what a coincidence! I did this recently.
I scored as Joan too. I'm happy with that. I think it was quite accurate.

I have a confession to make... When I went down to the boiler, I thought you reminded me of Boudica anyway!!!
I think the height, age and hair did it :-p I myself am a Boudica fan.

Anonymous said...

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