Friday, December 09, 2005


Well maybe.

I haven't really superfluously blogged in a while. So here we go! I don't know whether you have all been introduced to my finger! Well hre it is!
Image hosted by
Now the thing about this finger is that it has a little bendy bit missing. Its only a little bit wonky and only really affects hitting people and playing guitar.. or so I thought..

It also seems that when I type with it it hits the keys at a funny angle and wipes the letters off! My laptop is now a-less, and will soon be s-less...

How weird! Just thought I would share!


Pet Geek said...

Crooked 4th & 5th fingers can be indicitive of Norse roots!

Michael said...

Jude, your roots are showing. Apparently Schwarzkopf blends to your natural colours and tones.