Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Am I really still a Christian?

OK, so reasons why I am still a Christian:
I went to see it.
I am blogging about it (which is the latest WWJD style Christian accessory)
I have read the books

I didn't go with my church group
I didn't take a non Christian friend
I didn't preach the Gospel at the end
And I didn't cry when Aslan died!

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Of course I'm talking about Narnia. I liked it.. but I wasn't profoundly moved by it. With all the hype I'm aware that this might be a sign that I have in fact backslidden, grieved the holy spirit or something..

Someone help!


rach said...

In the name of Aslan, be healed.

There - now either you're healed or I've backslidden too!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear - I'm going with my cell group tonight. Does that make me tragic?!?!


Karen said...

I didn't cry when Aslan died, because I knew he would come back to life again.

I think you can rest assured that you are a Christian, you still believe in everything that is Jesus, right?

Kezzie said...

Oooh, that's a quote from the Silver Chair (sort of?) Rach!
Jude, I'm intrigued- do you generally cry in films that have sad bits or not and this is a one off, not crying, or is it a rare occurence for you to cry? (trying to ascertain if I will embarass myself in front of friends when going to see Narnia!)
BTW, I agree with Karen!

Joe said...

hey, I'm glad you said that! - I was disapointed too. I started the first 10 minutes of the film on the verge of tears as the kids left home and became less and less bothered as the film went on. I looked a lot at my watch and I found the witch not at all scary or the death scene moving. Pity, I think they missed out a bit. Don't know how? Two many extras from Lord of the Rings perhaps? No mystery around Aslan - too matey? Thought the kids wre good though. I'd still take the BBC version with its dubious acting and crappy effects - that was a proper Aslan. or the cartoon version was good too - anyone remember it?

jude said...

Kezzie.. yep I cry at most things! TRailers to other movies, football on the radio, George Best's funeral..... so this was a bit of a shocker!

Alina said...

hi jude (and everyone else)! I didn't cry, and I, too, was shocked by my lack of reaction and underwhelmed by the film. When i read the books i cry every time Aslan is so much as mentioned in passing. I'm glad Aslan reigns more powerfully in my own heart and mind than he does in CGI! But Liam Neeson's voice was spot on, don't you think?