Thursday, October 20, 2005

Young At Heart- and wonderful

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If I told you that I listened to a 92 year old sing "Goodbye Ruby Tuesday" tonight would you think it odd? If I said it reduced me to tears would you laugh? If I said I understood more of the character of God as three old old men sang "Jealous Guy" would you think I'm off my rocker?

I went and saw this beautiful show in Hammersmith tonight.. go see it.. its by a lovely
company of elderly singers: called Young At Heart. AMAZING.

OK.. they don't sing that brilliantly- there are little gaps and duff notes. BUT it is just beautiful.. people singing songs with enough experince that you believe the words. People who move around the stage slowly but with such dignity.

Heres the link

I can't do it justice.. you have to go see!!


Neil O'Hara said...

Sounds moving. By the photo are you sure their not in any way affiliated with the Black Panthers?

Linda-Joy said...

I work for Hammersmith council and there was a competition to win free tickets to the concert - but obviously I didn't!

Kate John said...

it was powerful.
raw and real theatre, full of happy accidents. you can imagine it being a different show with a different atmosphere every night.
it's amazing how (often) shallow pop lyrics have a totally new and profound/potent meaning when they're sung by people of that age. eg. it's usually young rock/pop singers that tell us messages like "live for today" / "my choices are MINE" / "love is all you need" /etc. but from a 90 year old-that really means something sort of tangible and earnest.

Kate John said...

oh and jude-
me, emma & matt took the two beardy band guys (freddy and steve)out sight-seeing on Friday as it was their first time in London. And, in answer to your question, they are just part of a regular rock band and were hired for the tour. But they're totally LOVELY, and the show reduces them to tears and giggles every night. The night we saw it, Steve had apparently had to walk off the stage during one of the numbers because he was in hysterics.