Friday, October 14, 2005

What Is Success?

Have been pondering this today (pondering in the sense of having very red eyes now!). I usually quip that "success is obedience", but do I really mean it? I sometimes think I probably live like success is being liked, respected, acknowledged.. the bummer with that is that when those things are not immediately forthcoming, what does that leave us with? Failure.. or the perception of that..

What a great invitation from God, to refind my footing on the rock- to really move beyond the quick one liner to a true understanding of success.


tim said...

hey mate, know where you're coming from.
i don't think that faliure is the opporsite to success, it's not one or the other, it's just another option. it's just we want to suceed more than we want to fail. a few times in my life i think i needed to "fail" in order to do Gods will.

Celia Hyland said...

Hello Jude, just found your blog this morning as am considering getting my very own and remembered you had one. I'm really struggling with what success is at the mo. I want to be a success for God - but how does God measure success? I agree it is something to do with obediance. Any how, catch up soon - love Celia [Youthwork]