Monday, October 24, 2005

Things That Only Happen When You're Tired!

I'm tired. Its my own fault.. very late night (but did play cello.. weird but true).. But I;ve been noticing myself do strange things all day as a result.. thought I'd be all vulnerable and share:
1- No spacial awareness
2- Dribbling food (was only soup, don't think anyone noticed)
3- Lack of prioritisation (talk to visitor/ talk to colleague/ talk to God... errr)
4- Inability to finish sentence
5- Inability to remember wher you are in a conversation
6- Inability to multitask..

and to cap it all: I just found myself reading the emails that I had already trashed and trying to deal with them!



Michael said...

I think we should all have a holiday.

Liz said...

Heh - I'd be up for that!

Other things that I find happen:

Thinking people are talking to/about you when they're not.
Hallucinating in the corner of your vision.
Full-on Hallucinating.
Tingly fingers.
Slow-moving eyes - can't follow things.

Recommendation: sleep :oD

Carla said...

Can utterly identify, bless you... it's tough to be young, free and rock and roll... xc

rach said...

I can add to that too....

- you go into the bathroom to put your dirty pants in the washing basket, lift the lid of the toilet and put pants down the loo.

- you put random foodstuffs away in the wrong cupboards in the kitchen

- you miss your junction on the M1 and have to take a different route to your destination. Can't say I've experienced this one, not being a driver, but I think I know someone who has....???

jude said...

you got me! Still got there on time though.. Jesus.. he smile on me!

bigger than small dave Dave said...

Making tea, take sugar out of cupboard, stop and wonder what your doing put it back in again and then stare at tea wondering who you made it for?

Walked downstairs to get something from office, got halfway across hall floor, stopped wondered what i was doing then realised i was fetching something, couldn't and still can't remember what.

Becoming more obsessive and grumpy about stupid things, or go from high to low with more horriblness than is right

Tendancey to believe even the worst of accusations

Pet Geek said...

When making coffee, you pour the hot water into the sugar bowl.

Somebody comes around and nicks the one key you are looking for on your keyring.

2 x 10 = 21

You seriously consider phoning someone you had an argument with 6 months ago to try and resolve the conflict at 1am.