Wednesday, October 19, 2005


We just made a new game: involving this lovely man!

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Spidy has been resident in the City BR office for a little while now: in various poses! Today, however, the lovely IT people came down and gave us coasters! Coasters FLY! At Spidy in particular!

So now we have a new sport- you get ten points for getting his head, eight for getting the spider on his back, four for a hand, and two for anywhere else on his body.. anyone want to play!!!!


Michael said...

Being at a 200 miles disadvantage, can I get double points for a hit?

Neil O'Hara said...

Na man, you gotta get INTERACTIVE, yeah? Double points indeed.

Kate John said...

This is SUPERHERO BASHING at it's most disgusting. He's totally unable to defend himself, suspended from the ceiling like that and...lets face it an inanimate blow-up replica.
SHOW SOME RESPECT MAN. When there's trouble in the city...who you gonna call on?
Superman's dead (or wrapped up in teenage angst depending on which way you look at it), the X-men won't be born until the present future (although they can time-travel...confusing) and everyone knows all other superheros are rubbish.
Spidey is absolutely your best bet. So play nice. Give him an upside down kiss to make up for it. He likes them.