Sunday, July 03, 2005

pray for Gordon

What a day: lets face it Live8 was pretty spectacular! I caught bits in between a wedding and hanging out with friends (more on the wedding later). But one little snippet caught my ear during the day: it was Gordon Brown. I only caught a wee bit so could be a tad wrong but it seems to me that he was talking a LOT about trade justice.

Now, yes, he was talking at a Christian Aid gathering but good on him for sticking his neck out. Do pray for him this week. He is going to be the most radical voice in the room at the G8. Pray that he gets a real voice.

He may never make it to being prime minister. He may miss out on his big ambition, maybe what he perceives to be his destiny. Only the less mainstream books may remember his name in thirty years: but it is just possible that Gordon Brown could genuinely change history this week. He could be another Wilberforce. Incidentally to his main aim in life, he may just be used of God to be the bringer of Jubilee.

Pray for him this week.


lucy b said...

hey jude,
agree with everything you just said about gordon, i spent an amazing weekend in edinburgh and really, it was awesome. one more thing... hope you dont die from eating mouldy food for a month.
love you, lucy x

Paul Windo said...

Right on, agree with you too. Saw Gordo speak at St Pauls last night with Kofi Anan, about poverty and the G8 - he used Jesus vs the money lenders as an analogy, quoted Isaiah and Dietrich Bonhoffer in his response and I really genuinely felt he meant what he was saying about wanting to see change.
Jude - enjoy Edinburgh. Spent the weekend up there too and loved it. Passionate place with a passionate people (not bad 24-7 prayer room either...)