Saturday, July 16, 2005

Jobseekers update

Two weeks in.. its quite hard this malarky

I made week one OK, with £0.90 left over. This week's thirty quid went much quicker: £8 on a round of drinks, £5.30 on a meal, £4 on foody bits, £2.70 on a boots meal deal, £5 on a theatre ticket, £4.20 on lunch. Have about 80p left over. (thanks Linda for food left in BR!! life saver!)

But then this week. £10 had to go on petrol, if I buy Harry Potter thats £7.50, spent £2 on lunch and £2 on coffee going out yesterday.. that leaves me about £9 for the rest of the week, and I need to buy things like tea. I think the Sainsburys rewards might have to come out this week.

And then theres next week! I want to try and go to the Athletics on Friday (£15), and will need to buy stuff to take on this kids camp.. will I make it? The challenge will be about eating whats in!!! Or fasting lots!

Anyway thats that bit of external processing done! The thing thats coming through is that I can do this for a month because of the flex I have in not buying stuff till after the month (washing powder, new clothes, tampons!).. maybe I should try it for three months!

Watch this space

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