Friday, July 01, 2005

Jobseekers begins

Did I ever blog about living off the equalivalent of job seekers allowance for a month? Well I am and it starts today! Jobseekers allowance for a single person is £55 (plus housing and CT benefit). With my bills taken out, at a guess of £20 a week, that leaves me, £35 a week for food, clothes and going out! I know some of you live on this anyway (and actually much less), and thats partly why I am doing it. My spending has gotten flabby and needs to stop!

So today (despite being VERY tempted by a latte on the way in to work) I have spent 80p. I have probably also given myself slight food poisoning by eating some old samosas I found in the fridge. But if I have poisoned myself I will save money.. won't be able to eat for a couple of days!

The dilemma will come over the weekend: have a wedding tomorrow, might want to do cinema at some point.. hmmm..

Will keep you posted.

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Linda-Joy said...

this sounds interesting - I give out benefits to some of our clients - so would be good for me to hear from you how it's going