Tuesday, July 05, 2005

G8, Live8, Boiler mate


Just a quick one.. first a job seekers update: I've now spent, £13.40. We had a meal out ala pub as part of the boiler retreat, and I bought the Guardian yesterday. The weekend was pretty cheap- wedding= free food, free lunch of Sunday.. the rest ios finishing off whats in the fridge (bought a while ago using spare change). Am off to Edinburgh tomorrow so will see how that goes.

Talking of which: I fly up tomorrow early, so have a whole day to try and get arrested.. though its a risk cos I want to be released as we've got tickets for the final Live8 gig. Am very excited to find Embrace on the bill! Also will be good to see Snow Patrol, and the amazing James Brown!

Just got back from a wonderful two days with other Boiler room leaders from around the world. It was amazing!!! For a start it was at Turvey Abbey: one of my favourite places in the world. Was lovely to see Brs Tom, John and Herbert.. great to be at Compline. Will blog more about the profound realisation from Tom's reading. Was lovely to see an interaction between us novices and the old guard! Was great to pray and be prayed for... was great to get a flying visit from the boys... just lovely..

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Anonymous said...

steady on with the old guard business Jude - I'm 33.

It was very good to have you all here.