Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Why I'm excited...

This may be a confusing post. I'm excited about many things (some of which cannot be posted here!). I'm excited that the first draft of boiler room logos has come back looking VERY like the sketch I made six months ago.

I'm excited that a random conversation over dinner may have turned into a beautiful arty thing!

I'm excited because I now have a season ticket (and am therefore a proper commuter!)

I'm excited because the end of series five is just AMAZING (Kate hang in there.. the middle is just a dip!)

I'm excited because tomorrow is ELECTION DAY!

Now this may not cause so much excitement for many. BUT.. when you consider that the Lib Dems have snuck ahead of the Tories in a late opinion poll, we have a very exciting prospect. Not for this election necssarily (labour will win I think.. I have the number 86 buzzing round my head.. who knows.. ) BUT.. we light just be witnessing one of those transitory moments where the British bipartisan set up gets a little shift around. The Conservatives are in pretty much freefall. There's very little depth in the Party, so when they lose and Howard feels duty bound to resign, they have no obvious replacement. Into this come the Lib dems, yes elevated because of being the only sane party about the war, but with a definite position. If they do well we could see a shift to a new viable left, leaving NEW Labour as the centre right party.. and the Tories to go the way of fox hunting. I may just be dreaming, but I will be riveted tomorrow night. If you wanna join the banter call me or Flan.

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Anonymous said...

Aahhh Jude. Just Jude, nothing added, nothing taken away from Jude. Just Jude.